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About Migration

Study-abroad migration is the movement of people from one country to another for educational purposes. This type of migration happens because people go abroad each year for academic studies, language acquisition, or cross-cultural experience. In many cases, the course students want to pursue may not be available in their home country, or they might find it too expensive. In such instances, these learners seek admission into overseas universities where courses are affordable and of good quality – a win-win for everyone!

Today, an increasing number of international students go to various countries for their tertiary studies. Simply because of the opportunities international education provides- better job opportunities, higher pay, the experience of working in different countries, work-permit or visa exemption, opportunity to settle permanently with their family, and many more.

Depending on the country and length of the stay, fulfilling migration-related procedures is complicated and requires elaborate legal permissions of the country you're migrating to.

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We Serve Your Migration Needs


We have professionals at A1 Global Education who have extensive experience with the legal procedures of different countries for enabling smooth study abroad migration.

We guide you in choosing a country where you want to study or work, and we offer you the best options in the world for student migration. We will assist you with everything from getting the necessary information on courses offered by universities globally to facilitating visas for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking business, permanent resident, or job seeker visas.

Once you make choices regarding the country, university and course you want to pursue, we take everything into our hands to complete the required procedures for your successful admission. We will process legal formalities of the respective country, immigration rules required by it, and hefty documentation procedures therein. Additionally, you may go through our Pre-departure Training For Migrants, and you'll be ready to make your overseas transition smoothly and start a new life there.

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