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Study group

Study Abroad

We evaluate students on various aspects like academic and financial background, strengths and weaknesses, future plans and based on all the information, we provide better options for the students who will fall in line with their expectations.

We have a good record of visa and admission success rates. Counsellors bestow personal attention to every student, following a student-centered strategy, to make them feel more confident in making career decisions.

Our professional and certified career counsellors will guide you through everything and make sure your choice is wise. And always the 'Suggestion is ours and the Decision is yours'.

Test Preparation

We provides incomparable training to IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. preparation. Our efficacious faculty ensures you achieve the best scores possible. Every student is unique, so our training batches are small to provide maximum attention to the individuals. Training batches range from a minimum of ten classes of training and a maximum of twenty classes (varies from student to student). We ensure personalized attention to the students and provide makeup classes, extra classes as well as numerous mock tests during the course. Our pedagogy has allowed us to attain an exceptional track record in the area of study abroad test preparation.

Vietnamese college students boarding a bus
Image by Jaimie Harmsen


Applying for a student visa is a tedious task. Our professional Visa Guidance Team will steadily progress the process in line with the guidelines for a successful student visa application.

We ensure students navigate through the entire visa process safe and secure; by helping them overcome about 99% of the whole process that is confusing.

With A1 Global Education you have nothing to fear because our trusted team members will help you to complete your visa application.

All the documentation work related to visa application goes through many levels of review by our experienced team members and we take advice from The OISC Level 3 qualified Immigration adviser (Attorney) in the Australia and Canada (the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner). This makes no room for error right from getting the CAS to receiving a visa in your hands.

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