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As Australian visa experts, our decision to be a part of your migration journey isn’t just limited to aiding you with the documentation and visa filing.


After arriving in Australia, you won’t be alone, we’ll be there for you. Travelling to unknown water or territories can be extremely intimidating for anyone, especially when alone. We understand that there’s always a few days gap between a student’s arrival and commencement of the course. This could precisely be the time when a newly arrived student tends to feel homesick, lonely, or upset. Being away from family and friends in an unfamiliar environment and country could be difficult. To make this transition hassle-free, we provide post-arrival assistance in helping you settle quickly and successfully.


A1 Global Education (A1GE) provide comprehensive post-arrival and settlement services like, for you can settle in the new ambience seamlessly:

Pick up from the airport

Upon arriving in Australia, the student will be welcomed by A1GE's student support officer or nominated staff in correspondence with the meet and greet program. For this to be successful, it is expected of the student to inform A1GE of his/her estimated time of arrival (ETA) at least one week prior to the arrival. That will only be confirmed if A1GE has acknowledged the letter or e-mail on the request.

Meet and greet program

Post the airport pick-up, (with any previously made arrangements) the student shall be provided refreshments, and necessary work will be done to ensure that the student’s family remains well-informed about the safe arrival of the student. After that, A1GE will assist the students to transfer the student to A1GE organized accommodation or the chosen place of stay by the student.

  • In the orientation program, A1GE will brief and advise the students before departure on traveling to a new country as well as adjusting to the new Australian culture and customs.

  • We’ll also provide general information about the Australian educational environment and laws.

  • It also includes advice and assistance on temporary accommodation, we make sure to see to it that the place is secure for students who are new to the country.

  • Information regarding financial services and banking will be clearly defined.

  • Our services include assistance at the airport, where the student will be greeted by A1GE's student support officer to help him/her with further travel.


Through our Australian Immigration services, we’ll be guiding the students at every step even after they arrive in the country.

Briefly, we strive our best to ensure a pleasant settlement in the new Australian society by helping the students deal with the problems they encounter during their course of stay.


We make sure to stay in touch with the family of our students for nearly an year and in some cases even more and this support system is what makes us what we are in the eyes of our clients. A1GE team is always there to guide the students until they feel confident in their new environment.

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