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General Questions

What is an Australian “Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)?

This works on point-tested visa stream. This visa lets the workers, having the skills Australia needs, work and live permanently anywhere in Australia. The visa allows you to: • Sponsor eligible relatives for PR, • Become a citizen of Australia, if you’re eligible, • Enroll in Australia’s free, world-class, public health-care scheme, • Live, stay, work in Australia permanently

Does this visa include my family?

You can mention the member of the family unit in your application. You can: • Mention them when you apply for the visa. • Also, add them after your visa application but before the Department decides on your visa.

How do you qualify for an Australian “Skilled Independent Visa” (subclass 189)”?

You must choose an occupation mentioned in the “skilled occupation list”. Also, you need to pass the “Eligibility Assessment with 65 points or more. If you have the requisite skill set, you can apply for this visa.

What does a Skilled Visa grant?

Being a permanent visa, this allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. You become a permanent citizen of Australia when this visa gets granted. Once granted, you can only enter Australia on this visa.

Tourist & Visitor Visa

How can one qualify for Australia Tourist Visa?

You become eligible for Australia Tourist Visa if you: • Possess a valid travel document such as a passport • You need to be fit and able to travel • Have no criminal history or immigration related convictions • Are able to persuade the immigration officer about your ties- maybe a job, home, family, or financial assets that will demand your coming back to your home country • Promise to leave Australia at the end of your visit • Finally, you can apply and go if you have enough funds to be able to afford your stay

Do you guarantee a visa approval?

If you qualify and meet all the conditions, you become eligible to apply for the visa, and we can get it approved if your profile reflects no contradictions or history otherwise. We guide you step by step on how to apply for a foolproof application for tourist Visa.

PR & Migration Visa

What can prevent me from coming to Australia?

Any embassy or immigration consultants can only deny your visa if you have bad financial history, or you have ailments like HIV, cancer, heart illness or mental illness that could overwhelm the medical system of Australia.

How long does it take get an Australian visa approved after applying?

Processing time varies, depending on the sector you’re applying for. 75% applications take 29 days; 90% of applicants get approval in 42 days who applied for Higher Education Sector.

How much time does nomination approval take?

The nomination takes approximately 4-6 weeks to get approved. The processing time for a visa application is between 4-9 months depending on the stream you chose and if the application is “Decision Ready”.



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