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As per a survey undertaken, on an average, Australian companies receive 33 resumes for 1 graduate vacancy that gets advertised. International researches also confirm that employers look for more than just a qualification. With such an influx of applications, how can yours stand out among the rest?

Well, that’s where a Professional Year Program can come to your rescue. A professional year program is a structured career developed designed to accentuate an international student’s career prospects by combing a formal learning and workplace experience.

The course takes the student beyond a degree or theory and equips them with technical skills and knowledge in their chosen discipline in the Australian workforce and culture to ensure that the graduates are job-ready.

Duration of Professional Year program

The programs run for 44 weeks and offer an internship placement for 12 weeks in an appropriate host company. The course of this program is designed with inclusive 32-week training in Business Communication skills and Australian workplace skills training that further provides a 12-week internship in the selected discipline of the student.

It is available in Australian industries like accounting, computer science, and engineering, where the demand for skilled graduates is high. It is primarily designed for students interested in applying for permanent residency in Australia.

Why should you go for Professional Year Program?

Acing that interview or landing on your first job after graduation can be a challenge. In an extremely competitive Australian job market, the P-Year Program helps your stand out by:

  • By helping you develop effective communication skills, proving in-depth practical exposure, and enhancing your knowledge of the Australian workforce and culture.

  • Helps you gain practical skills through an industry-relevant internship placement.

  • Upon successful completion, participants might be awarded 5 migration points towards an international student’s PR application.

  • Acquiring a Professional Year certificate adds value to your resume. It also widens your network through close interaction with peers and other industry professionals.

How to become eligible for this program?

To become eligible for Professional Year Program, the student should have pursued an education in Australia and must have acquired an undergraduate or post-graduate degree program. Some other requirements are as follows:

1. Education

The applications must have completed their graduation in a course that rightly matches with the PYear program they wish to apply for; alongside, they must have finished their Higher Education program from Australia in a course that offers two years credit points for the least period of 18 months.

2. Visa requirements

An applicant of the Professional Year program must be a holder or have applied for the subclass 485 visa. He/she can be on a valid bridging or student visa, but it’s mandatory to apply for a subclass 485 visa and provide proof for that. The holders of a 485 visa must hold a valid visa during the course of the Professional Year Program. The graduates in Engineering with a favorable skills assessment test from Engineers Australia and having a 476 visa (Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa) also qualify for an Engineering Professional Year.

3. Positive skills assessment

All the applicants for Professional Year Program must pass their skills assessment from their appropriate assessing bodies (ACS, EEA, CPA, IPA, and ICAA).

4. Proficiency in Language

All the applicants must bag an IELTS score of 6.0 at least with a 6 in each section to qualify for a professional year.
All in all, the Professional Year Program provides international students a competitive advantage to those who are seeking ways to acquire a degree from Australian universities.

This program helps the students by increasing their chances of becoming permanent residents and by scaling their careers professionally.

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