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Studying in this field will provide you with an understanding of how businesses and organizations work from the inside out. You can expect to develop critical decision-making skills when undertaking studies in this field and build a career which is transferable in a global workforce.

Business Consultation

Information Technology (IT)

Studying in this field you will develop skills in the processing, transmitting and storage of information.

You can expect to develop an understanding of information systems, programming languages, information management and artificial intelligence, leaving your studies with the ability to apply your knowledge to solve problems.

Industrial Engineer


The field of engineering will provide you with an occupation which has extremely wide reach. While it is a broad field, it typically falls under four main disciplines - chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

When undertaking a study in this field you will develop industry knowledge and technical skills, leaving with the ability to critically think and problem solve in complex environments.

Design and  

Study architecture, design and planning to create cities, cultures and communities for a sustainable future. In this field, creative and strategic thinking come together.

Art and Culture

Learn from subject matter experts as you immerse yourself in a thriving culture of research and critical thinking in fine arts andhumanities. From specializations in cultural heritage studies to curatorship and art management, you’ll join a community dedicated to making a lasting impact on our world.

Medicine and
Public Health

In this field, your studies will provide you with a thorough knowledge of human health and the Australian health care system. You will learn how to problem solve, communicate and adapt to working in a variety of dynamic health and medical environments, restoring the physical and mental wellbeing of humans.

Medical Information
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